Turn your employees into partners!

Responsible thinking and acting can be systematically promoted in companies.

Experience a tool (the entrepreneur simulation trainer PRO4S MEMO) that mobilizes people, inspires them in a tangible way to think and act with a sense of joint responsibility, stimulates an exchange of ideas and encourages teamwork.


"But why a game?", you may ask.


According to brain research, playing leads to new ways of thinking, new perspectives and new solutions.

And these are exactly the capabilities that are becoming increasingly important in our total information society.

Stuart Brown, a US researcher in the area of play, says:

"Play is not an activity; it is a state of mind".

Play is a state of mind characterized by lightness, fun and honesty. If you take a playful approach to work, you will find some appeal in almost everything you do. A playful mindset can also give you a fresh perspective on apparently hopeless situations and help you find unexpected solutions. (Source: Arne Gillbert/Amsterdam)


What are the benefits for your company?


  • More entrepreneurial thinking and action by managers and employees enhances your service quality and customer focus
  • A clearer understanding of team and company goals and the ability to achieve these in less time under your own steam will generate more revenue
  • Enhanced motivation, management, teamwork and communication mean more efficient and effective workflows and processes = better results and higher margins
  • The creation of a shared language and common philosophy among trainees, employees, teams, managers, all the way up to the board of directors/board of management and customers for greater mutual understanding and transparency


What makes the playful approach so effective?


  • Playing together is the most natural way for people to learn to really understand each other
  • A game simplifies complex connections, visualizes content and gives structures to your goals. Questions are answered immediately and in person
  • It creates opportunities for lively and informative interaction between managers, employees and customers or suppliers


Why not see and hear for yourself what others had to say about the workshops and the PRO4S MEMO simulation?


Motivate and mobilize your company, your employees, your customers and your suppliers in a brand new way!


Contact us and try this inspired game for yourself!


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